RIP Neversoft 1994-2014

this is the saddest day of my life

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  1. I haven’t updated my blog in about a month and am using this to get back into things
  2. I am interested in making all kinds of art but I cannot stand drawing anything with anatomy
  3. I met my girlfriend on a forum about ed edd n eddy (yeah no joke)
  4. I once stole one of those fire alarm warning signs from my old school and it’s currently hanging up on my own wall. it glows in the dark
  5. I’ve nearly broke my laptop on a number of occasions for messing with all that system 32 stuff
  6. my biggest dream in life is to create a feature length satirical mockumentary about a fictional band. I’m being serious
  7. I once at an entire bag of sour skittles at once. it was painful and delicious. my tongue was like a rainbow but I’m pretty sure it was also bleeding
  8. I collect a variety of things including playing cards, watches, and cassette tapes
  9. I have a large monitor connected to my laptop because my laptop screen is tiny and tiny screens are not good for editing and creating artwork imo
  10. my favourite band is rubber


My role model.


amazing thanks for the clarification


Weight Limit


*doesnt play league of legends* *is successful and happy*